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My interest in art, poetry, and music started in my childhood, in the land- and soundscapes of the former socialist federative republic of Yugoslavia. We lived in the industrial multicultural city of Zenica, Bosnia, where all kinds of people, cultures and religions met and mingled.

I can recall that I had a special taste for literature and ear for the 5-and 7-beat rhythms of Gipsy music. It echoed everyday out from the smoky and sometimes wild local pubs. It was banned sites for us kids, where illegal business was made with the scent of danger, plum alcohol, fallen women, and grilled meat.

In 1971 my family moved to Sweden, to the quiet and sleeping city of Växjö. In Sweden I discovered the improvised music, the Nordic melancholy, as well as modernism and the abstract and expressionist art which have followed me since then; expressed in a brief manifesto:




I am a modernist 

I do not reproduce 

since there is nothing 

in reproduction but 

the emptiness of imitation 

I also say 

that postmodernism 

is for the toothless 

for those who sob for 

the nipples of solipsicism

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